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CAT# 2738
Path to the Studio with White Picket Fence
oil paint on linen canvas 36 x 30 inches
Leif Nilsson summer 2005 ©

Here is a sweet letter from the collector who now owns this painting:

Hi Leif,

We finally figured out how to get photos to you so we are resending our 3/31 note with photos attached.

We enjoyed the Friday 3/26 B.O.M.B. concert at your home very much. To have such good music, good food and drink and be surrounded by beautiful art is a treat and all in the interest of a good cause. You and Caryn are gracious hosts and your home and studio are warm and inviting.

My favorite thing to do when I get up in the morning is to have a cup of coffee and read while I sit in my living room. I have been reading a book of poems by Wendell Berry. His writing blends all of his values and his love of place together in a meaningful way. Your art seems to do the same thing.

I like to read a poem and look at your “Studio with Picket Fence” and see where my thoughts go. The path with the flowers and the barn reminds me of our place in Marlborough, CT and all the nice memories I have from that time in my life.

I also think of my life as following a path. The picket fence is the entry, the path is the journey and the barn doors – who knows what is on the other side.

I like it that I bought a beautiful painting from an artist I met and whose home I have been to and whom I am getting to know better.

Incidentally, the frame we chose for your “Studio with Picket Fence” is a 22Karat gold leaf frame from Craig Hackman (Hackmanframes.com) and the molding model number is AM434ROL. It is about 4 ¾ inches wide and the corners of the frame are ever so slightly rounded off. Each corner has a subtle hand carved oak leaf acorn motif. There are numerous finishing options so we emailed Craig a photo of the painting and his recommendation was to go with the medium rub – dark finish. It took 4 months to get the frame but the final product was worth the wait. It is perfect and your painting only deserves the very best.

We would also like you to add us to your mailing list for future events.

And, yes, Joe would love to share some guitar and banjo music with you some day. Perhaps he could stop in some afternoon while you are in your gallery and play some folk oriented tunes on guitar while you play banjo. Joe says that these would be tunes that are very amenable to nice banjo riffs.


Jean Walsh

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